Trucks That Work

by Zoe Lipman, Senior
Manager Transportation Solutions; and Mary Ellen Kustin, Transportation
Solutions Coordinator
National Wildlife Federation

As the nation looks to cut oil use, enhance national security, reduce pollution and provide relief to consumers from high prices at the pump, the most effective near-term means we have to respond is to deliver more efficient cars and trucks.

At the end of July, US EPA and NHTSA will release the first-ever standards to increase the fuel efficiency of medium and heavy duty trucks. The Heavy Duty (HD) National Program will complement existing and proposed standards for cars and light trucks that are already on track to deliver big benefits to consumers. Up until now these improvements were only required for smaller vehicles, leaving savings on the table for those who need larger trucks.

This report reviews the proposed heavy duty truck standard, with a particular emphasis on the work pickup trucks used in outdoor and natural resource businesses and recreation. We find that new standards deliver.



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