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  • 54.5 mpg standard is worth pursuing

    54.5 mpg standard is worth pursuing

    USA Today Editorial September 10, 2012 …The new rules‚Äî set to take effect at the end of October ‚Äî call for cars and trucks to get an average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. At first blush, that sounds overly ambitious, because few vehicles come close to that level of performance today. Yet dig a little deeper, and the rules make sense for a variety of reasons… Read more…

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  • Efficient way to save on gas

    Efficient way to save on gas

    Sarasota Herald-Tribune Editorial September 9, 2012 Consumers have two options for reducing their expenditures on gasoline — drive less or drive vehicles that are more fuel efficient… The most practical alternative for reducing fuel costs — or, at least, keeping them in check when gas prices rise — is to expand the available choices of efficient vehicles. New federal rules, requiring manufacturers to nearly double the average fuel economy of cars and trucks by 2025, are aimed at providing those […]

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  • Landmark Clean Cars Success

    Landmark Clean Cars Success

    by Sarah Mulkoff National Wildlife Federation September 6, 2012 Last week marked a tremendous victory the fight to reduce the carbon pollution that fuels global warming. On Tuesday, August 28th, the Obama administration finalized the Environmental Protection Agency Fuel Economy Standards that will double the fuel economy of our cars and trucks to 54.5 MGPG by 2025‚Äîan enormous step to curb carbon pollution. Read more…  

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  • The Facts Don’t Lie: Fuel Efficiency and Car Sales Both on the Rise

    The Facts Don’t Lie: Fuel Efficiency and Car Sales Both on the Rise

    by Roland Hwang Natural Resources Defense Council September 5, 2012 August sales data reconfirms that current stronger fuel efficiency standards are already working for consumers. Gas prices and fuel efficiency are up, but so are vehicles sales. What’s going on here? This morning’s New York Times sheds light on this question, simply entitled “Gas Prices Rise, but So Do Auto Sales.” The piece notes that August sales figures show very strong sales growth, jumping 19.9% year-over-year. Sales-weighted fuel efficiency of […]

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  • Alliance visits Akron to tout new 54.5 gas mileage standard

    Alliance visits Akron to tout new 54.5 gas mileage standard

    by Jim Mackinnon Akron Beacon Journal September 4, 2012 The made-in-Ohio Chevrolet Cruze is a “good gas mileage means good jobs” success story for the state, says a coalition of environmentalists and labor unions. Higher U.S. fuel mileage standards should mean even more jobs in the years ahead, a recent study suggests. Read more…

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  • After gas guzzlers

    After gas guzzlers

    Toledo Blade Editorial August 30, 2012 The quest for fuel-efficient cars and trucks helped bring the U.S. auto industry back from the brink of collapse. Continuing on that policy path can create 570,000 new jobs by 2030, including a projected 21,000 in Ohio and 20,000 in Michigan, at a relatively low cost to American consumers… Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken cites a new report by three environmental groups that claims the reshaped, more fuel-efficient U.S. auto industry is responsible for […]

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