Surf, Sunscreen, and Gasoline: How Much Will Americans Spend at the Pump this Memorial Day Weekend?

concerned scientistsby Josh Goldman
Clean Vehicle Program
Union of Concerned Scientists
May 23, 2013

…Those in the market for a new (or new to you) vehicle should consider fuel efficiency as a priority if they are looking to save money (and emissions) on summer road trips – even if the fuel efficient technology costs a bit more upfront. For example, a Ford Fusion SE Hybrid costs $3,500 more than its base conventional gas model, but consumes $9,000 less in gasoline over its lifetime.

Outside of the showroom, you can show your support for the historic fuel efficiency and global warming pollution standards, finalized last year, that will nearly double the fuel economy of new vehicles by 2025. In fact, if Americans could drive those more efficient 2025 vehicles today, we would save about $619 million on gasoline this Memorial Day weekend alone. Those millions could be spent on everything from ice cream cones to tickets to your favorite amusement park, or saved for the next trip or the next car. Overall, at gasoline prices of $3.50 per gallon, these standards will save the average driver of a new 2025 vehicle some $8,000 over that vehicle’s lifetime, compared to today’s average vehicle.

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