Obama’s Proposal to Raise Fuel Economy Creates 570,000 U.S. Jobs

by Maria Reyes
The Green Optimistic
July 5, 2012

The Obama Administration’s recent proposal to reduce fuel use is expected to create 570,000 jobs in the U.S. by 2030. Of this figure, 50,000 new jobs will be in light-duty vehicle manufacturing and assembly alone.

The proposal calls for the implementation of a vehicle fuel economy standards for light-duty vehicles built from 2017 to 2025. The proposed new fuel mileage is 54.5 miles per gallon with a carbon dioxide emission of 163 grams per mile.

Based on a recent report, this move will not only create jobs, it is also projected to open new markets abroad for U.S. auto-manufacturers, increase consumer’s savings from reduced gasoline consumption, and increase wages for middle-class workers…

Bob King, president of the United Auto Workers (UAW), is confident the automotive sector can meet the challenges of the Obama proposal. He said vehicles will require more quality components and his group is working to ensure these will be locally manufactured by union members…

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