EV-Everywhere? U.S. Energy Secretary Chu touts initiative for affordable electric vehicles in Dearborn

by Michael Wayland
June 21, 2012

DEARBORN, MI ‚Äî U.S. Secretary Steven Chuexpects American vehicle manufacturers like the Detroit Three to be testing “affordable” electrified vehicles by 2020.

“The OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) really want to drive to get the affordable thing because that becomes mass-market,” he told reporters following a speech this morning in Dearborn. “If you are selling a car at $60,000, it’s a niche market…

“Realistically, we think a plug-in hybrid at 340-50 miles, or a car at double the (Nissan) Leaf range can satisfy a lot of needs,” he said. “And there, we think, the price point of $25,000 is a very real price that we can maybe achieve in a decade.”

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