Blue Book Goes Green

Kelley’s Features 27 New Car Models Rated at 40 mpg or Better

The high mileage future is here.

Kelley’s Blue Book, a consumer resource for pricing and other data on new and used vehicles, is going green with a feature highlighting new car models rated at 40 mpg for city driving, highway driving, or both.

Such vehicles were once pretty rare birds in the United States ‚Äì but Kelley’s found 27 2012 and 2013 models for sale in a wide range of prices, sizes and styles.

Several hybrid and electric vehicles make the list, but so do a number of cars powered by super-efficient internal combustion engines. Clean diesel is also a high-mileage option.

U.S., Asian and European manufacturers are all in the mix, offering low-priced subcompacts like the Ford Fiesta and the Chevy Sonic; mid-range sedans like the Hyundai Sonata and the Volkswagen Jetta; and luxury models like Toyota’s Lexus.

Fuel economy is now the #1 factor considered by car-buyers when shopping for a vehicle, according to a recent survey by Consumer Reports. In addition, federal rules now require annual improvements in fuel efficiency for all makes and models.

So it’s no surprise that automakers are responding with more high-mileage offerings. The good news for consumers: If you’re shopping for a fuel-sipper, you’ve got more choices than ever.

Tiffany Ingram is the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Midwest Advocacy Director.


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